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Fernando Anastácio

Graduated by the Faculdade de Direito de Lisboa in 1985.
Lawyer Internship in the office of Prof. Dr. Lebre de Freitas, between 1985 and 1987
Attorney-at-law in the Office of “Fernando Cabrita, Advogado”, between 1987 and 1989.
Founding partner of “Fernando Cabrita & Fernando Anastácio, Sociedade de Advogados”, between 1989 and 2006.
Jurist in the Albufeira Municipality Legal Department, between 1989 and 1992
Founding partner of “Fernando Anastácio & Associados, Sociedade de Advogados, RL”.
Manager of a business group, with activity in the Algarve in the real estate and tourism sector, functions he has been exercising since 1995.
Albufeira Municipality City Councilman between 1993 and 1996 and since 2005
Effective Voting Member of the Região de Turismo do Algarve (Algarve Tourism Region Board), since June 2007.