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“Fernando Anastácio & Associados, Sociedade de Advogados, R.L.” is a law firm with offices in Albufeira and its activity essentially in the Algarve region, established in the year 1989, under the firm “Fernando Cabrita e Fernando Anastácio, Sociedade de Advogados”, which was, in 2006, fully restructured, then adopting the abovementioned firm.

A link between both, the partner Fernando Anastácio has been dedicated to the law profession for over 20 years.

“Fernando Anastácio & Associados – Sociedade de Advogados, RL” is a company comprised of a professional team which blends experience with a young spirit, and which is ready to respond to challenges in the diverse areas of law with quality, rigor and efficiency.
The profile of Fernando Anastácio & Associados reflects its values: autonomy, ambition, team spirit and coordination.

Autonomy, because we base ourselves on an eager performance in the exclusive interest of our Clients, declining subjections of any kind.

Ambition, because we search for our Clients’ success and accept, at all times, the challenge involved in attaining it.

Quality and Diligence, which rules our performance, intend to be the brand of Fernando Anastácio & Associados and the basis of our reputation. We search for perfection in all that we do and we favour the practical, swift and effective resolution of the issues with which we are entrusted.

Team Spirit and Coordination, the base value which unites the work group, it is the pillar of Fernando Anastácio & Associados, which allows for tranquility, obstinacy and trust in problem solving.

Such are the values which unite us and which render Fernando Anastácio & Associados a law firm focused on the challenges of the 21st Century, global and competitive.